Whether you should get your car detailed before you take photographs of your car for selling it, or show it directly to the buyer, should not be a question at all. Buyers will automatically be more interested in buying from you when it shows that you have taken care of your vehicle, and opting for a professional detailing service will help you with that edge over the other sellers. It’s a no-brainer! So, first, let’s understand what car detailing entails, and then, we’ll take a look at the importance of getting your car detailed and why a professional is the best choice for this job.

The details of detailing

There is no difference between getting your house and your car ready before reselling. Both require thoroughly cleaning the interiors and exteriors of the commodity to be sold. More importantly, detailing your vehicle is necessary as it means cleaning the interior as well and not just beautifying it from the outside. No one wants a good-looking car that is dirty on the inside. Professional car detailing involves expert cleaning of the interiors that are made of varied materials such as vinyl, carbon fiber plastics, natural fibers, plastics, and leather. Although the processes of detailing can vary based on the service you choose, there are some common steps that are part of any standard detailing procedure. Here’s a list of those standard car interior detailing processes:

  • The first step is to vacuum the interiors, including the headliners, the seats, the cargo space, the trunk, and the shelf. In some cases, air compressors are also an option for hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Second, the carpets and mats are cleaned by brushing and scrubbing using washes or shampoos, and they are also steam cleaned to remove all the blemishes and stains. The carpets are then dried completely before putting them back in, to avoid the growth of mold.
  • Then, windows and dashboards are all cleaned with detergent and then wiped using a clean cloth. The glasses are all cleaned with a glass cleaner to make sure that they remain spotless, especially the glasses that the driver uses. 
  • The next step is cleaning the leather parts. This is done by using a leather cleaner/shampoo or a leather or saddle soap. Then, all the excess soap lather is removed using a damp cloth. After this, the leather is conditioned to prevent it from drying and cracking.
  • Wiping off the interiors and re-vacuuming are the steps that follow this deep-cleaning. This helps to catch and remove any left-over dirt and debris.
  • Finally, the last step for the interiors is perfuming. This leaves a pleasant scent in the vehicle. After all, who doesn’t want a clean and fresh-smelling car!

For the exteriors, the most commonly followed practice includes washing, fallout/clay removal, spot cut polishing, machine polishing, wheel and tire cleaning, tire trimming and shining, motor washing, washing and cleaning windows and mirrors, waxing, etc. 

It’s definitely worth the money

Detailing your car can cost you anywhere between $50 to $200 depending on your vehicle size and some other factors like the vehicle’s condition, the time required to clean it, as well as the detailer’s level of experience. This is a truly practical and cost-effective choice as you will easily get a higher price for your car and will be able to negotiate better if the buyer sees that you took care of it and have cleaned and maintained it well. Detailing your car means more than just vacuuming the seats and removing the trash. This is why you should consider hiring a professional service for the job. Magic Hands will clean out all the hard-to-reach areas in your car and make sure that both the interiors and exteriors are spick and span. We will work to restore the condition of your car as close as possible to its mint condition so that it stands out from the crowd. 

Avoid after-sale problems

A professional detailer can be a huge help for identifying problems that can normally be missed, such as scuffs, nicks, scratches, or dents, and can easily correct them to make your car more appealing to a buyer. Correcting these problems means no headaches of needing to pay for repairs once the car is sold. Furthermore, a car that has been cleaned and maintained well will not pose a health risk to the buyer due to poor indoor air quality and will keep the user safe from any kind of allergies or respiratory issues caused because of an unclean or impure closed environment. 

Hire Our Professional Auto Detailers

Hiring a professional to detail your car is always the right choice! Depending on the services you require, we will clean all the crevices between the seats, the dirt and grime on the foot mats, the dirt behind the control panel and consoles, shampoo and condition the interiors, apply a protective wax coat on the surface, use a clay bar to remove dirt and debris from the surface, clean the engine, clean the tires, and also take care of odor and stain removal. Professional detailing is different from your regular car wash in terms of the right techniques and products being used to clean the tiniest of the nooks and crannies of your car. Car washes or your individual car cleaner guy would not remove the tar off of the outer body without harming the outer shine or chipping the paint. They also don’t clean the coffee stains or Cheeto dust and spilled particles from the interiors. They usually do not have the tools and cleaning materials needed for such customized deep-cleaning of each surface. All these things require professional expertise. 

Therefore, if you have plans to sell your car, do not forget to get pre-sale detailing done professionally. The benefits are clear – a newer-looking vehicle, an increased asking price, a quicker sell, and no post-sale hassles. In a nutshell, the professional detailing service you purchase will eventually pay for itself when you get a higher price for your vehicle in the open market. It’s that simple!

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