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Window tinting on a car comes with a long list of benefits for the car owner. As we will see from the following points, it is a worthwhile investment for the relatively short amount of time and money spent on window tinting. Let’s get started and have a look at the different benefits you can reap from window tinting.

Benefit #1: Health Benefits of Window Tinting

For your everyday health and well-being, this has to be the most significant advantage of window tints: Window tinting protects your skin from aging and damage, such as wrinkles, sunspots, and sagging skin, as well as from potential skin cancer. We have devoted an entire blog post to the amazing benefits of professionally installed window tinting, which will keep your skin out of harm’s way. 

Benefit #2: Added Security

For many car owners, one of the most important benefits is the decreased risk of break-in and theft from your car interior. Did you know that in 2019 alone, there were 750,000 reported car break-ins and thefts? Here goes the old saying “out of sight—out of mind”. Car thieves are usually opportunist criminals, meaning if a temptation presents itself, they will seize the opportunity. When they cannot see your car interior, they cannot be tempted by your new iPhone that you forgot on the passenger’s seat or your wife’s expensive sunglasses. And even if a burglar was willing to take the blind leap and attempted to shatter your passenger window: a window tint will keep the glass in place, so that he cannot get in easily.

Benefit #3: Eye Protection Against The Sun

Just as the sun’s rays are damaging to your skin, they are also damaging your eyes, potentially resulting in macular degeneration and cataracts. Window tinting can help here, too. Furthermore, it will decrease eye fatigue from the direct sun and from the glare of nighttime headlights. Decreased glare from a window tint can even prevent an accident. It has probably happened to all of us: you forgot your sunglasses and the morning or evening sun is shining right into your face as you are driving—a dangerous situation without sunglasses or a window tint; a crossing pedestrian, cyclist, or another car could be hit due to the impaired vision. With a window tint, you don’t have to spend 20 minutes searching for your sunglasses before hitting the road! A window tint will make sure you are in a safe driving situation.

Benefit #4: Keeps Your Vehicle, Home or Business Cooler

Another advantage is that your car will not overheat as much as if you did not have a window tint. This will require less air conditioning, which in turn will require less gas, and cause less wear on your car’s engine. Down the road, this means less maintenance and repair costs for your wallet. Different car tints will keep out the sun to different extents. Why drive around the parking lot looking for the one space that’s in the shade or wrestle with a windshield cover before you can leave your car. With a window tint, you can park right away, get out of your car, and take care of those errands!

Benefit #5: Auto Tinting Protect Your Interior

Tinted car windows will prevent the harsh sun rays from fading your car’s upholstery and discolor the leather and vinyl, such as found on your dashboard. So, in order to keep up your car value, it is a good idea to protect the interior from sun damage, and keep your car interior looking nice and new.

Benefit #6: Added Protection From Shattered Glass

A window tint protects from injuries by shattered glass. The window tint is thin, but a highly durable film that is applied to the inside/ car cabin surfaces of the windows. Unfortunately, car accidents often involve shattered glass from car windows, which is known to cause vicious cuts and worse injuries to the driver and passengers. However, with the window tint installed, the shattered glass will not spray the inside of the car cabin, but will be kept in place, thus protecting you and your loved ones from further injury. 

Benefit #7: More Privacy

A window tint allows for more privacy for drivers and passengers. While we everyday drivers are not allowed to tint our car windows as pitch-black as on a limousine (limousines are rated MPVs– multi-purpose vehicles), a dark window tint allows plenty of privacy for the average driver and passengers. This again can translate into an additional safety benefit. Imagine, for example, your young daughter took a wrong exit and is driving around an unsafe neighborhood to find the next exit onto the highway. She would probably feel a lot safer if passersby are left to guess whether a tiny twenty-year-old is sitting behind the steering wheel or a 300lb bodybuilder. The convenient characteristic about a window tint is that it allows you as a driver to have perfect visibility of the outside, while others cannot see you or look into your car.

Benefit #8: Visual Appeal

You can customize your car with your window tint. Having sleek, dark car windows already looks very impressive. However, if you like to go one step further, you can even synchronize your window color with your car color. Let’s say you have a midnight blue car and want to install dark blue instead of dark gray window tinting—this would surely be a head-turner! And if you are concerned that you want to switch colors down the road: a window tint can be removed surprisingly quickly and inexpensively. No need to worry about the window tint lowering your car value, either. Quite the opposite is true. Cars of the same year, make, and model with a window tint tend to go for higher prices than those without window tinting. Buyers are catching on to all the awesome benefits that come with a professionally installed window tint!

As we have seen in this article, a car window tint comes with many advantages in terms of convenience and safety. Whenever you are ready, one of our knowledgeable window tinting professionals is happy to consult with you about your specific car window needs and wants. It is also important to check your state laws about car window tinting since different states have different laws regarding the extent of tints that are permitted.

Depending on how many windows you are having treated, the installation can last from one to three hours. During this process, the tinting film is measured on the outside of the windows, but it is ultimately applied on the inside of the windows.

Thanks to the high-quality window tints used at our shop, the window surfaces will be very scratch-resistant, and even hold up to wear and tear by children and pets. Because of this, our professional window tinting comes with a one-year warranty.  

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