There is a much more efficient way to reduce the sun’s heat rays from penetrating your home than the usual blinds, curtains, and shutters.

 Tinting your home’s windows is a better idea in many ways. Residential or business window tinting is the most energy-efficient method but also provides more protection for your windows, safety from theft, and is more pleasing to the eye if done correctly by a professional tinting installer.  Window tinting can also reduce utility bills while keeping your home or business cool.

 The following will outline some of the main benefits of window tinting your home or business and why having a professional install your tinting is a good idea.

Save On Utility Bills

One of the most common reasons businesses and or homeowners have their windows tinted is to lower utility expenses.  The heat from the sun’s rays penetrates windows without any tinting, which increases the internal heat levels of your home or business dramatically.

However, a professionally tinted window will block a significant amount of the sun’s heat rays, which in turn keeps the internal temperature of your home or business much cooler and easier for your AC to cool more efficiently, lowering your cooling bills significantly.

Keep Temperatures More Consistent

You might notice that particular rooms or office spaces in your building tend to get a lot hotter or stay much cooler than others, depending on what part of the building they are on, due to an increase in sunlight entering the windows and how large the windows are in that particular room or office.

A more consistent, and cooler environment can be obtained by blocking the sun’s heat with tinting. Energy expenses will also decrease as those hard-to-cool rooms will no longer take up as much energy to keep cool.

Reduce Glare On Your Windows

Productivity in an office or home environment can be greatly influenced by the sun glaring through a window. Nobody enjoys the sun’s glare on their TV screen or laptop monitor, which makes it much harder to watch a movie or get work done on your computer. Make sure you check the windows of all your offices to make sure your employees can work comfortably and therefore more efficiently on your projects.

Protection of UV Sun Rays

Simply sitting in front of a window that does not have any window tinting can be inflicting unhealthy levels of repeated UV radiation exposure, which is known to cause skin cancers such as melanoma among other forms of skin cancer. A correctly tinted window blocks up to 99% of UV rays. Give your family and employees a safer environment to live and work in by avoiding these damaging rays.

Tinted Windows Are More Secure 

Most burglaries happen via a ground floor window as the entry point. It’s much easier to break a window than a door, which they break and then enter through into your office or home. Tinting your windows won’t prevent a burglar from breaking the window and entering, but it will keep the broken glass from shattering, making it more difficult for them to climb in.

  It will also make it more difficult to see if anyone is in the home before breaking in, which can be a big deterrent.  This could be the deciding factor for them to select another home to steal from or at least give you a few seconds more to deal with the intruder.

Safety Benefits Of Window Tinting

Besides the already stated security benefits, tinted glass also helps protect from broken glass shattering within your home or office due to high winds from storms, or the odd soccer ball. It holds the glass together preventing it from moving as fast and far as it would without tinting. Glass could end up hitting someone or being stepped on when it’s on the floor.

Tinted Windows Are Lower Maintenance

High-quality, professionally installed window tinting can be both scratch and water-resistant if the correct coating is applied. This prevents marks from smudges, fingerprints, water stains, and therefore requires less maintenance. There are various types of window tinting available for specific uses, which you should review with the tinting company that is installing it for you.  They will usually give you some tips on how to keep your particular tint clean.

Increased Privacy

Sometimes tinting is installed to protect from harmful UV rays, but sometimes it’s installed to prevent or limit the view from the outside, to provide a higher level of privacy due to the darker appearance and obscured view. Review options with your tinting installer to find the correct type of tinting film for your exact requirements.  

Increase Your Home’s Value

Tinting your home’s windows is a small investment compared to the value it can provide to your home, due to increased curb appeal and lower utility costs. All the same points mentioned on this page can also be used as selling points during the closing process. It’s certainly one of the top 5 most economical additions you can make to your home.

There are many variations of window tinting films for various uses.  Please contact us today to find out how we can save you money while protecting your home, office, and or vehicles from heat, and theft.

Schedule Your Free In-Home Window Tinting Consultation With Magic Hands.  We specialize in residential and commercial window tinting and also provide tinting services for all types of vehicles.

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