There are many different window tint products a car owner can choose from. Lower-end window tints are usually polyester-based and contain dyes or metals as their tinting agents. Ceramic window tint is a premium window tint that surpasses other tints in several areas. It does the same things that a lot of the other tints will do—just a lot better. For this reason, it comes attached with a higher price tag than most other window tints. Understandably, the discerning car owner wants to know where his money is spent, and this is where our article comes in. So, let us explore what exactly ceramic tint is, and how it sets itself apart from the other available options. Get a quote on ceramic window tinting from our Magichands experts.

What is ceramic window tint

A ceramic tint is a window tint produced with ceramic nanoparticles. Millions of microscopic particles of titanium nitride are infused into thin layers of film. The result is a sheet that is as thin as any conventional window tint film, but that has improved properties when it comes to blocking UV radiation, as well as glare and heat from the sun. The nanoparticles are invisible to the eye, and they do not need to be dyed or metalized like in conventional window tints. Also, the particles reflect the sun away from the car interior.

More Durability

Bubbling, fading, and peeling are all signs of low-end window tint that need replacing. This is unsightly, potentially embarrassing, and adds another point to your already long to-do list. Additionally, a peeling or bubbling tint can decrease visibility for the driver and increase accident risk. In contrast to that, ceramic window tints are designed to last a minimum of 10 years. This means they will not fade, discolor, bubble up, etc. for a minimum of 10 years, and many times they will outlast the life of your car. Besides being color stable, ceramic window tint is also highly scratch-resistant. This is also relevant information since all window tint is applied on the inside of a vehicle’s windows. Ceramic window tint holds up exceptionally well to pets and small children. 

Highest Skin and Eye Protection

Ceramic window tint rejects a whopping 99% of harmful solar (UV) rays. Ultraviolet radiation causes skin aging, skin damage, and ultimately can lead to skin cancer. With ceramic tint, you are on the safe side and can prevent all these negative side effects while cruising around your favorite neighborhoods. Not only your skin needs protection, but your little ones’ delicate skin will also be protected by ceramic window tint. Thanks to the ceramic nanoparticles reflecting solar rays, the amount of disturbing glare from the sun is minimized as well. Even at nighttime, the glare from oncoming traffic headlights is greatly reduced. This makes for a more relaxed and safer driving experience.

No Interference with Electronic Devices

Unlike other window tints, ceramic tint is completely metal-free. For example, because of the tiny metallic particles contained in metallic window tint, vehicle occupants may experience static-filled or dropped calls, and have trouble locking into a radio station. Trust us, while driving for hours on the highway, you do not want to listen to your teenage daughter complaining about all the failed connections on her cell phone! With ceramic tint, there is no interference with any electronic devices, such as cell phones, GPS systems, or even with your car radio.  

Cooler Car Interior

Since ceramic tint reflects a large portion (up to 90%) of the warming infrared (IR) light, your car interior can remain at a more comfortable temperature. This means less need for ramping up the air conditioning, which in turn means less wear and tear on your engine and lower repair costs in the long run. 

More Shatter-Proof

Accidents are notorious for the additional bodily harm inflicted by shattered windows that cause nasty cuts to the car occupants. In the event of a severe accident, a normal window can break and spray the inside cabin with hundreds of glass shards.

All window tints provide the car occupants with a higher level of safety from shattered glass, as the window film holds the glass in place. However, the stronger the window film, the higher the degree of protection. The ceramic film, with its nanoparticles infused into the window film, offers the greatest degree of protection from shattered glass. Along the same lines, car thieves will have an impossible time trying to smash a car window, in order to access your belongings inside.  

Option for Clear Windows

Ceramic window tint comes in a greater range of window tint percentages than conventional window tints. In contrast to metallic tints, ceramic tints do not automatically have a darkened appearance, and they do not have a mirror-like appearance, which many car owners find unattractive.  With ceramic window tint, it is up to the car owner to pick if she wants darkened windows or windows that are crystal-clear, despite the high UV and IR protection that come with them. So, for the car owners that feel that darkened windows give a “shady” impression: it is possible to reap all the above-mentioned benefits (UV and IR protection, cooler car interior, shatter-resistant windows, etc.) with light-colored windows that look like they were not augmented in the least.      

As one can see, ceramic window tint outperforms other tints on the market in virtually every category. 

As with most things in life you get what you pay for: Low-end window tint will provide you with good protection, but only for a year or two, as it quickly loses effectiveness. Investing a little extra to get a high-quality ceramic tint will provide you with many years of superior protection and ease of mind.

Here, it is important to add that ceramic window tint is also available for residential and commercial building windows. Many of the aforementioned advantages of ceramic window tint are applied to building windows as well. Lucky for our customers, we are the experts in both auto window tints, as well as residential and commercial window tints! Give us a call today and let one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants explore with you, which window tint is best for you! 

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